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Use TwitterFeed to update your Social Media

With time being short and your work load always increasing how do you find time to update your social media on a regular basis? Well today it is much easier when you use a program call TwitterFeed.

This easy to use program will let you go out and find your favorite RSS feeds and automatically post them to your Facebook account, Linkedin and Twitter.  There is even a Instant RSS Search that will help you find different topics to post.

The program is super stupid easy to use. Just create your account and go to the main page. Once there, click on the “Create New Feed” button. Give the feed a name such as “Networking Tips” and paste in the RSS feed.  Don’t forget to check the feed to make sure you have the right URL. Don’t know what a RSS feed is? Just click HERE to see some examples.

Once you paste the feed URL in click on “Advanced Settings” to control how the feed will post. You can control frequency and how much of the post shows on your Social Media site ie. Title, Title and Description or Description only. You can also use a shorten link that can be custom branded through Bit.Ly.

Step 2 will let you determine what pages and sites you post to. Simply click where you want it to go and BOOM, you are done. Now your social media sites will be automatically updated with fresh content whether you have time to do it or not.

by David Rider