You Finally Move Into Your First Home!

You Finally Move Into Your First Home!

What an exiting time in life, obtaining your very own piece of real estate to do with whatever you want to. What seems like months of getting financial documents together for the loan officer, making sure not to open up any new credit and being very careful not to use any existing credit cards so the home loan would go through has finally ended.  Now moving from your small 1 bedroom apartment into the 3 bedroom, 2 bathroom home is the most exciting move ever.  After getting all moved in, it looks as though you have barely any belongings though!  Most of us have been here; first home, house poor, only 1 bedroom with furniture, the apartment futon couch and the kitchen table you purchased in a box & had to put together.

With all the empty space, it isn’t hard to see all the imperfections of the home’s flooring.  You start to notice that the kitchen tile is really too small, has dirty grout and you start to want that 18 inch tile you had seen in some of the model homes visited in the past.  You begin to spend weekends browsing the home improvement stores flooring section in dreams of purchasing tile to replace the old tile in your home.  The decision is made that to buy all the tile at once is not affordable, so you decide to buy the tile one box at at time till you have enough to put your flooring in.

3 months later you have enough boxes of tile to now replace the floor in your new home!

The tile is stacked up ever so neatly and nicely in the garage, because now you realize there is SO much more to laying a new floor of tile than just buying the boxes of tile.  There is the grout/thin-set, tools, removing the old tile, how to do all this and cleanup/haul away of the old flooring.  The tile project is put on hold for now and you decide to repaint the house walls first.

Life just seems to be falling into place!  You finally get that promotion at work, you and your lifelong love tie the knot and then the biggie happens!

The newlyweds are now expecting their first child!

This is the most exciting news, and seems to supersede any and all other goals and plans in life.  Both of your parents are elated with joy, baby shower planning, going to be the doctor, what hospital and who’s going to watch the baby after it’s born are now top priorities on your mind.

The room next to the master bedroom is painted pink after you had the ultrasound; “congratulations your having a daughter” is heard many times a day.  Your mom buys you the expensive baby crib that converts into a toddler bed, then regular full bed as your child grows.  The belly starts to grow, all preparations have been made, you have read all the baby/parenting books and are ready for the perfect baby.  You are 29 weeks into the pregnancy,  have all the safety locks on the cupboards and electrical outlet covers.

3AM in the morning premature labor begins!  Luckily the baby is delivered, is alive and everyone is OK.  The doctor comes in the next day and discusses that because the baby was born too early, the babies lung function is not fully developed and will need to remain at the hospital for probably a few weeks.  The weeks feel like years, but the day finally comes for your bundle of joy to come home.  Although you had read all the parenting books, you had not planned on having a premature baby born with underdeveloped lung function that ultimately settled in as asthma.  6 weeks pass, you become experts at breathing treatments, and life is now normal with your parenting routine down.

Weeks turn into years; your bundle of joy is now embarking elementary school kindergarten.  The tile you purchased years ago is still neatly piled up in the garage, starring at you every time you get out of your car.

One weekend while you and your spouse are watching one of those DIY home improvement shows you both decide that now is the time to have the floor tile installed.  With life being different than it was 6 years ago, and your daughter having asthma, you need to make sure that any home project will not aggravate her asthma.  Upon research you find that removing old tile by just chipping it up is both very dusty and also dangerous because it contains harmful silica in the thin-set dust.

The call to Dust B Gone Tile removal was made, the crew showed up, removed all the tile virtually dust free and very quickly all the flooring was removed.  The floors are finally ready for that 6 year old tile that’s been sitting in the garage!  The best part of this dust free tile removal process, is it was so safe you were all able to stay at home while it was being done.

Dust Be Gone is a family business that has a true compassion for people.  While every business is just that, business — Dust B Gone is in business to help people who would normally not be able to have tile removed due to the harmful silica that is released into the air.  This family personally has been affected by severe allergies, and has a genuine compassion.


The family now laughs at how long it took to install their new tile floor.  The daughter eventually outgrew her asthma. They are now in their 3rd home, but you can find them driving by their first little home from time to time.

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