West Side Money Makers -- An Industry Specific Networking group

West Valley Money Makers reaches out to all of the out of the box thinkers.  We are a group of like minded business professionals who are eager to build and help build your business through referral marketing.

West side Money Makers is a group of highly ethical, business oriented people who are dedicated to helping each other’s businesses succeed through networking and mutual support.

We Are Here To Help Grow Your Business!

An industry specific networking group that meets weekly to exchange high quality referrals. We average $500,000 a year in member closed business.

The Westside Money Makers meets at The Village Inn on 99th Ave/McDowell every Wednesday morning from 7-8:30. Come join us and learn how we can help you and your business grow!

Celebrate Succeses

We Meet Once A Week

We meet once a week to share business, celebrate successes and educate our partners, thus ensuring the group and each individual continued success. We limit the membership to categorical specific membership to ensure the best possible results in the group.

The goal is to provide a structured social gathering in a venue convenient and conductive for growth. We are all dedicated to first consider our members in the group when dealing with the public and the needs of our own network, clients, customers and family members.

Weekly Breakfasts To Get More Business

We meet at Village Inn every Wednesday morning at 99th Ave and McDowell to discuss our businesses over breakfast, and what a good referral is for...

Your Network Is Your Greatest Asset

How will you grow your business?  We help our members grow their business through a structured, positive and professional referral program that...

What To Expect At Our Meeting

Visiting chapters is an important piece in finding your new referral network. Each chapter has a personality of its own, and finding where you fit...

Delicious Breakfast

You can order anything you would like, and you can experience a full service wait staff.  It is so much fun gathering each week with your business...

Be Prepared With Business Cards

Visit a our chapter prepared to talk about your business. Members are interested in getting to know how connections with visitors can be mutually...

You’re the Expert of Your Business

Only one person from each profession specialty is allowed to join our group, eliminating the possibility of competition among our members. When...

Free Breakfast

Come have breakfast on us as you check out our group. We meet every Wednesday at 7.00 AM.

 Village Inn at 10010 W. McDowell Rd in Avondale AZ.

West Side Wealth Builders

Our Members



Offering affordable cleaning for your home or office. We use commercial and hospital grade cleaning products and also green cleaning is available. Cleaning "Maid" to order!


Dyani McAlexander

Bob is a pro at designing and servicing systems for small and medium sized businesses. Team with him for ongoing computer support to maintain your company's competitive edge.  You'll be pleased with his knowledge, thoroughness and easy-going manner.

Bob Weber


My Favorite Tech


Bob Weber
Bob WeberComputer Support

Even the toughest infestations can't stand up to the knowledge, experience and control techniques applied by your L&M Pest Control.  We keep your home or business safe from insects, rodents, reptiles and birds. *No Contracts*



L&M Pest Control
L&M Pest Control

I help people understand how they are currently buying energy and also save some money if they choose to join the solar movement.  We put it where the sun does shine.

Doug DeBoer

Field Energy Consultant


Doug Deboer
Doug DeboerField Energy Consultant

(623) 935-5810



13831 West Glendale Avenue, Glendale, AZ 85307

Luci’s Sage and Sand
LucieBar & Grill

We are a family owned business of a retired veteran with over 30 years experience.  We repair all makes and models.  Our business is based on honest assessment, repairs and affordable prices.

B & A Auto Repair

Frank Tincher



ASE Certified

B & A Auto Repair
Frank TincherAuto Repair

We offer professional Human Resources and Training services designed to help individuals and companies to grow and succeed.  As business professionals, we partner with small to mid-size companies to assess the situation, uncover area for improvement and develop appropriate solutions.

Rosemary Rulka

Rulka Consulting



Rulka Consulting
Rosemary RulkaConsulting

With over 20 years of experience in the construction industry, we can handle every aspect of remodeling and home maintenance with ease and confidence.  The experience and craftsmanship we being to your project is second to none.

Joseph Wayne



Joseph Wayne
Joseph WayneHandyman

The business isn't the bottom line, here -- the people are.  We enhance and protect each individual of the household by providing personal advice, solutions and service.  "Let us prove it."

Peter Zipp




Peter Zipp

We are a rapidly growing law firm that can help with Estate Planning, Business Law, Elder Law, Family Law, Divorce, Juvenile Law & more. The Milton Law Firm: "When The Best Matters."

Craig Milton




Craig Milton
Craig MiltonAttorney

Our business is based on providing a high-level comfort through service and the quality of heating and cooling that you receive day in and day out.  Let us show you that you can receive more comfort for less cash.

Steve Moore



Steve Moore
Steve MooreHVAC

With over 95% of break-in requiring force, intruders use tools such as hammers, rocks or bricks, crowbars, etc... No unwanted intruders will have access to your home by providing burglar resistant screens that can withstand up to a category 4 hurricane.

Security Screen Masters




Security Screen Masters
TonySecurity Screens

Personal Assistance at its best!  Looking for a right hand? Look no further!  Services range from home management, party planning, home organization, packing/unpacking services & on-going or per project basis.  If it takes up your time, we can help!

Nicole Gallegos




Nicole Gallegos
Nicole GallegosPersonal Assistant

Helping entrepreneurs and small businesses save as much money as possible through strategic tax planning.  We specialize in Personal Financial Planning, bookkeeping, New Business Formation & Quickbooks Setup and Training.

Cindy Dillard




Cindy Dillard
Cindy DillardAccounting

Robert (Bob) Bremne




Robert (Bob) Bremne
Robert (Bob) BremneHome Inspector

Does your portfolio have an investment that can potentially profit in an up, down, or sideways market?  Isn't it time to add an investment that can? "Call Westpan to make your money grow!"

Tom Forman




Tom Forman
Tom FormanTrading Advisor

We are in the business of helping people achieve the American dream of ownership.  Specializing in helping folks finance residential real estate with a primary focus of serving self employment borrowers.  "Where you are the VIP"

David Rider


NMLS # 200787

AZ LO-0912067


David Rider
David RiderLoan Officer

Much more than "just a realtor".  I work with first time home buyers and avid investors alike.  I have the skills, vendors and knowledge to help all levels of home buyers.  Let me put my tried practices to work for you!!

Gary Mankewich




Gary Mankewich
Gary MankewichRealtor

EMS Arizona provides payment solutions through card processing, gift/loyalty cards and consumer financing programs.  Additionally, we meet eCommerce needs with website and shopping cart design and online processing.  Go mobile and accept cards on your phone or tablet.


Randy Christian




Randy Christian
Randy ChristianPayment Solutions